1. The Membership Terms and Conditions and Club Rules must be read in conjunction with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, available in the clubhouse.

2. The Committee shall determine the Terms and Conditions and Rules for the use of the Club and is empowered to make, repeal and amend them, and also to delegate their operation and enforcement to approved persons.

3. A copy of the Terms and Conditions and Rules will be displayed in the Club at all times and will also be available for inspection at reception and displayed on the Club’s website.




1. The membership agreement commences when the member has read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions and their payment has been received.

2. Membership starts on the date of agreement and payment agreed by both parties and expires on the Renewal Date. These are specified by the online payment system, normally March 31st for annual members, and the last dy of any month for monthly members. Membership cannot be cancelled during this period irrespective of a change to personal circumstance. Exceptions to this are at the discretion of the committee.

3. Any person on the Club premises, or playing for any Club team, may be asked for proof of membership, which must be freely given. This may be their names, address.

4. Membership is open to all. The Club requires all those taking part in tennis coaching to become tennis members, except for specified introductory offers.

5. Membership is not transferable and must only be used by the registered member. Any misuse will result in the membership being cancelled.

6. The management of Banbury West End Lawn Tennis & Squash Club (BWE) reserves the right to cancel any membership if the member is in breach of rules or if their conduct, in the view of the management of BWE, is offensive to customers and/or staff, acts against the best interests of The Club, or represents a health and safety danger.

7. Membership entitles a member to full use of the club facilities during opening hours associated associated with the type of membership they have undertaken.

8. Categories of membership and subscription rates shall be determined by the Committee, details of which are available on the website.




1. The membership fee is due from the member to BWE and is payable upon inception of this agreement. Any portion of the membership fee will only be refundable in the event of BWE being unable to provide the member with the membership services. due to factors fully within their control. Bad weather or temporary lack of access are counted as factors beyond their control.  Such refund would be calculated on a pro-rota basis to the break in services experienced.

2. Members’ subscriptions shall be paid on or before the due date. Failure to make payments on time could result in access to the facilities being withdrawn.

3. On occasions the club may run promotions: it is the final decision of the club’s management to whom the promotion is available.

4. Payment by instalments by Direct Debit can be arranged at the committee’s discretion on certain memberships. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds to pay each month. Should a payment fail due to lack of funds, or other reason within the member’s control, the direct debit will be resubmitted. A second failure will result in the membership being withdrawn until paid, together with a £25 penalty fee. Instalment payments are continuous, and breaks in membership are not normally allowed.




1. The member will advise BWE immediately of any change to personal details.

2. The member agrees to comply with the rules of membership. BWE may make reasonable changes to these rules at any time.

3. BWE reserves the right to make changes to any memberships, court bookings, coaching groups or classes, approved coaches.

4. When a member has paid funds, these are paid directly to the club’s bank account and BWE policy is not to allow payback.

5. The membership agreement is governed by English Law.




1. Details of facility opening times and age restrictions are available on the website.

2. BWE reserves the right to close the club or areas of the club from time to time at the management’s discretion. E.g. for maintenance repairs, refurbishment, cleaning, local emergencies and bank and public holiday periods

3. Opening hours are subject to change by BWE giving advance notice to members where reasonably practicable.




1. Members must secure their personal belongings either on their person at all times whilst using the club’s facilities. BWE, its representatives, agents or sub-contractors, will not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of any property brought onto BWE premises.

2. Members are responsible for ensuring their correct operation or use of any BWE facilities and/or equipment. If a member is in any doubt about how to correctly operate any equipment, the member must consult the appropriate member of the committee before use.

3. Some areas of BWE are unsupervised and BWE does not accept responsibility for any harm or injury to an unsupervised member unless caused by our employees, agents, sub-contractors, or our negligent act or omission.

4. Some coaches operate in our club on a self-employed basis. Any service they provide to you constitutes a contract between the coach and the member. BWE accepts no responsibility for breach of contract or negligence caused by a self-employed coach.




BWE deems that any act of violence, threatening behaviour or abuse against its volunteers, coaches and anyone using the facilities is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated by members or parents of members of the club. Whenever any such behaviour occurs, the club will take reasonable and appropriate action.


1.Members will not abuse the facilities or equipment at BWE and will be required to pay for any damage to property where they have wilfully or negligently caused such damage.

2. Appropriate clean clothing and shoes must be worn at all times in the club (and during classes unless specifically otherwise advised by an instructor).




1. BWE reserves the right to use any photographs of BWE facilities (which may include you, provided your inclusion is incidental) for press and promotional purposes provided reasonable notice is given.

2. BWE failure to enforce its rights at any time, for any period and for whatever reason, will not be constructed as a waiver of such rights; neither will any failure to identify or act upon a member’s breach of the terms of their membership agreement be deemed an affirmation by BWE that the member’s behaviour is acceptable.




1. Members introducing guests to the club to use any of the facilities shall ensure that the correct visitor fee is paid at the bar and shall be responsible for the conduct of their visitors. No tennis member’s guest shall be allowed to play more than three times a year at the reduced rate. Other non-members undertaking approved trials or specific coaching must pay the appropriate fees as determined by the committee.

2. Social and Non-members, including users of the bar, shall have access to the Club’s Washroom facilities.




1. The Rules must comply with the requirements of the Licensing Acts (Article 42).

2. Members must be aware of the Fire and Emergency Exits and the position of Fire Extinguishers and the Fire Assembly Points.

3. Smoking is not allowed in the Club, indoor courts and anywhere on site. This includes E-cigarettes.

4. Dogs (other than guide dogs) and other pets are not allowed in the Club buildings or any playing/fitness areas unless on a lead and in continuous control of their owner. Well behaved dogs on a lead are allowed on the grass banking by Court 2 on a lead. Any other arrangement is at the discretion of the General Manager. Owners must take responsibility for their dog’s behaviour and clear up any fouling, which should be removed from the site. If a dog is causing a nuisance the owner can be asked by staff to remove the dog from the premises.

5. Bicycles are not allowed in the Club buildings.

6. Any damage to the Club premises or its contents must be reported immediately.

7. The Club may hire the Club premises, or part thereof, to any Member or other party for purposes and periods as deemed appropriate. The Club premises shall not be used for party political or sectarian religious purposes unless with agreement by the committee.

8. The speed limit of 5mph within the Club grounds must be observed.

9. Members must park in the marked parking spaces, and respect any disabled parking provisions and drop off areas. Exceptions will be made for vehicles loading and unloading.

10. Children must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian. There are areas around the club which are out of bounds, including the area behind the practice wall, and the raised area above tennis court one beyond the dugout.




Court etiquette


1. Suitable sports clothing and shoes with non-marking soles shall be worn on outdoor and indoor courts at all times.

2. In the interest of the safety of players and good manners, members should not walk across the back of a court when play is in progress.


Outdoor tennis courts


1. A booking system is in operation on all outdoor courts. Members can make bookings online. The status of bookings and the forward availability of courts can be seen online. Members must amend their booking online when they are cancelling an outdoor court booking. At certain times priority is given to league matches, club tournaments, coaching sessions, club nights and other events. No more than one court can be booked at any time by a member without permission from a committee member.

2. Members over 17 years of age may play at times available for Senior members.

3. Members under 17 years of age and deemed proficient by the coaches also may play at times available for senior members.

4. Members and their guests play at their own risk, and must judge the conditions accordingly before deciding to play.

5. The Committee is empowered to make rulings on matters concerning club play.

Tennis Membership Categories

Full individual membership allows the member to use the courts at all times they are available. Court booking facilities will be made available for bookings up to 2 weeks in advance. A maximum of 1 court at any time may be booked per single full member. Husband and wife allows for the member, and partner to make full use as above. Family membership allows for the member, and partner, as well as up to 4 children aged 18 or under to book up to two courts at any time, and use the facilities.

Off Peak allows for booking and use of the courts until 5pm Monday to Friday when available.

Category for parent of ‘Knock with children’ is intended for ad hoc use of the courts immediately before or after coaching sessions, should courts be available. There will be no booking facility for this category of membership.

Coaching membership for adults and children allows for use only when attending a coaching session run by a club coach. No booking facility is offered.

Children full membership allows for use of the courts when available, as well as booking facilities. Children must be supervised by a parent / guardian at all times.

Visitors – Must pay £2 per visit, left in an envelope in the clubhouse, posted in the kitchen door letterbox with name on the envelope. Guests are only permitted to use the club twice before becoming members themselves.

Indoor squash courts

1. A booking system is in operation on all indoor courts. Members can make bookings online. The status of bookings and the forward availability of courts can be seen online. Members must amend their booking online when they are cancelling an outdoor court booking. At certain times priority is given to league matches, club tournaments, coaching sessions, club nights and other events.

2. Non marking shoes, used solely for indoor squash must be worn.

3. Members under 16 must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Under 16’s must wear safety spectacles.

Coaching only members are not permitted to make bookings, or use the courts except during coaching sessions run by the club coaches.




The Club Committee will ensure that appropriate selection procedures are in place for all representative teams.




The Club approves various coaches to implement a Coaching Programme for everyone, adults and children, from beginners through to team players. Details of the programme fees and booking arrangements for coaching with the Head Coach and Assistant Coaches are available in the Club and on the website. Courses and individual lessons, can be booked through any coach. The club cannot be held responsible for the availablility of any particular course, as some are dependent on numbers to be viable, or limits on numbers due to court availability.


Wimbledon Tickets


As BWE is a Lawn Tennis Association registered club, all annual tennis members / tennis & squash are able to apply for Wimbledon tickets subject to the LTA rules. In order to be eligible, members have to have an active affiliated British Tennis Membership (BTM), have linked their venue to their BTM record and have opted in to the Wimbledon Ballot. If they do not attend the ballot and their name is drawn they will still be allocated tickets. Further information is available in Feb / March.


AGM and voting rights


In order to take part, and vote in the AGM, or other special meetings, members must have been members of the club for at least 3 full months immediately prior to the meeting.






1. Junior members are required to abide by the Junior Code of Conduct as approved by the Committee.

2. No member under 16 years of age shall use the squash courts without supervision of a parent or guardian.

3. All juniors on the premises / grounds should be supervised by a parent / guardian. This includes their behaviour in and around the grounds, and when using clubhouse facilities.




1. Any club member who wishes to raise a grievance should aim in the first instance to resolve it informally with a senior member of staff. However, if the grievance cannot be resolved informally, or the grievance relates to a staff member, the grievance should be set out in writing and forwarded to the Club Chairman.

2. The Club Chairman will nominate at least 2 committee members to deal with the grievance (one of whom may be the Club Chairman). Where appropriate they will arrange a meeting with the aggrieved member to seek to resolve the grievance.

3. If the grievance is not resolved to the satisfaction of the aggrieved member, he/she can appeal to the Club Committee, setting out the grounds of the appeal in writing. Whenever possible, the grievance will be considered at the next committee meeting. The committee may, at its discretion, invite the aggrieved member to attend the committee meeting. The decision of the Club Committee shall be final.

4. The Club shall not be responsible for any articles brought onto the Club premises or grounds by any member or visitor.